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Sleep well, Fair Botanist

One of my good friends, Claire (clwilson2006 ) has passed away. It just doesn't seem real or right. She was such a wonderful person and one of the very first people I really bonded with when I got involved with the Stargate fandom. We shared a birthday and she made me a fan of Lorne and Parrish. We bitched together, we rp'ed together, we wrote each other things, and we were friends. I feel so terrible that we drifted apart but I never questioned that we could pick up where we left off... and now we can't. It's such a tragic thing for her family and her friends. I'm going to miss her so much. The world feels a little dimmer now.

She's always going to be in my heart. I love you, Claire. Whatever the outcome, I hope it's well stocked.  
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I Know A Place Downtown


Title: I Know A Place Downtown
Author: Leia/camshaft22
Team(s): Chicago Blackhawks
Pairing(s): Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews/OC
Rating: R
Warnings/Notes: Always a girl!verse, slight homophobia, sexism, and people being stupid. I don't own anything, not even my car. Title from ‘Take It Off’- Ke$ha. This is a work of my concept. I was a little harsh on Torres and the Coyotes. I realize they’re not all bad and I don’t mean to say that they are. I owe a debt to somehowunbroken, mardia, impertinence, rinkafic, notamagnet and a few more. You guys will never know how much help you’ve been.
Word count: 10,626
Beta: notamagnet. Thank you, bb! All remaining mistakes are mine.
Summary: Patricia Kane didn’t plan on this happening. (She only hoped a lot.)

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