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Stargate Drabbles Part Three

More drabbles written by me


Rebellion of a Prince (Stargate Atlantis/SG-1, PG-13, AU)

John Sheppard, Son and heir to the mass Sheppard Company that ensured that more than half the nation had power, was returning home. His brother had run off with some woman, "abdicating" his share of the company and John, the younger scion and most rebellious, was returning to take his rightful place from whatever hellhole university that he insisted that he get his degree. Somewhere in Kansas. Patrick Sheppard had done everything in his power to get his son disbarred from there, but apparently, they didn't see reason. Especially after Patrick had one of his more infamous tantrums and called them all 'lowbrow, dirty hicks that probably couldn't even tie their shoes, let alone teach his son how to make it in the business world'. The people at the University of Kansas stopped taking his calls. But, now all that was in the past. Since Dave took off, Patrick could spend his time making John just what he needed him to be. His heir, the leader of the company.

Cam sat in the seat of the posh limo that John's Daddy had insisted on. "Why am I here again, John? You know he's not going to like me." Cam told him as John grinned.

"Cam. He's going to love you. Engineer, minor in business, full ride to KU on a basketball scholarship..."

"John. He hates that you went to a hick University in the sticks. He's going to hate me. Especially since I'm your gay boyfriend," he said, wryly.

John frowned. Then nodded. "You're right. But let's see if we can give him a heart attack," he said with a wicked smirk. Cam laughed and kissed him as they pulled into the estate.

Patrick Sheppard waited in his home office, expecting his son to get his message and come to him immediately. It was moments after his arrival that he walked in, holding hands with a tall man with sandy brown hair, sky blue eyes and a farmer's tan that Patrick Sheppard fainted in a heap. His last thought before going unconscious was 'God help us, he's found a Country Boy,'


Kiss the Boy (Stargate SG-1/Atlantis, PG-13, AU)

Prince Cameron of Mitchell had been in a haze for days since the Puddle Jumper crash. If it hadn't been for some... gentleman, he would've surely drowned. Then the silent stranger showed up on the beach. Cam smiled at their guest, rowing the boat towards the middle of the lagoon.

"I kinda wish you could... Talk. But it's ok. It's ok," he said, trying not to upset the... rather strange man before him. But, he could tell... This guy was more than he appeared. That they were supposed to be friends. More than friends.

"I just feel really bad about not knowing your name," he admitted, looking at him as the dark haired stranger looked around the Lagoon, as if memorizing everything. "Could I try to guess?"

The stranger nodded, smiling at him as Cam felt a not so regal stirring in his loins. Whew... This guy was hot. "Rodney?" That got an ill look. "Evan?" A shake of his head. "Abe?" He blew a raspberry and Cam laughed. "Um..."

"JOHN!" shouted a small voice at his ear. Cam looked around. Was he going nuts? "John? Is your name John?"

John smiled and nodded his head. Cam grinned back. "Oh cool. That's a cool name," he said, looking him over. "Now if only we could get your voice back..."

John frowned, wondering what he should do. Finally, he got a wicked look in his eyes and leaned forward, kissing Cameron. Cam leaned in and they kissed deeper and more passionately.

All of a sudden, there was a bright light and John floated up and his voice was returned. Cam's eyes went wide in surprise. "Wha- What?!"

"I found true love's first kiss," John told him, kissing him deeper and pushing him down in the boat.

Tags: cam/john, cameron mitchell, drabbles, john sheppard, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1

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