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Different Strokes

Title: Different strokes
Author: Leia/Camshaft22
Fandom: SG-1/SGA
Rating: NC-17
Notes: For kink bingo and somehowunbroken . My Kinky might be broken...
Pairing: Cameron Mitchell/ Turnedintoagirl!John Sheppard
Word count: 657
Square: Held down

John was not pleased. Not pleased at all. He slouched down, fuming a litany in his mind.

Stupid damn Ancient Devices!

 He couldn’t even cross his arms properly with these massive tits in the damn way.

 Fuck.  What in the fuck should I do now? Maybe if I just stay in my quarters no one will bother me.

Yeah right.

As if to make fun of him, the chime rang out on the door. He rose, trying to get used to his new center of gravity and thought OPEN hard at the door as it opened to reveal Cam. John watched as his jaw dropped and his eyes roamed his body.

“You’re a woman, John,” Cam said as he walked in and the door sealed.

“Really? Hadn’t noticed,” John told him dryly.

“You’re also not wearing a bra.”

“Are you kidding me? I’m not wearing a- Oh. Oh! God damnit, Cam, you aren’t fucking me like this,” John told him, seeing the bulge in his pants.

“Please?” Cam asked, looking at him with those eyes… and that mouth… John felt her body respond to him in new ways.

“I… Ok. So this would be hot and bothered….” John said, feeling his newfound pussy throb.

“Yes. Can I fuck you?”

“Pushy today. If you hold me down,” John told him as Cam nodded and vigorously nodded his head, already working on taking off his clothing.

“Wait… Wait, what about Woolsey? You’re supposed to be here on a mission thing.”

“Woolsey is handled. We’re getting started tomorrow and some other junk. I paid attention and will recall it perfectly once I have fucked you hard.”

John let out a moan. “Jesus,” she panted, feeling feminine and powerful. She had made Cam into an idiot. And he hadn’t rejected her. But then again, Cam loved John Sheppard and it seemed that he was open to new and weird Atlantis crap. John started stripping as Cam watched her, his cock hard. She stripped nude and laid down on the mattress.

Cam started at her ankles, kissing his way up, licking and sucking on her legs. He stopped at her pussy and started licking it as John threaded her fingers into his hair, blown away. It was like a blow job, but more intense. She panted out, feeling her lips tighten and a gush between her legs that left her shaking.
Cam pulled his head up. “You ok?” he asked, concerned.

“Are you kidding me? I’m fantastic. That was an orgasm, ace,” John said, lazy but his body humming.

“I know what one of those is, John,” Cam told him, pushing up and crawling up her body, his eyes dark with arousal. He took her wrists and pulled them together over her head as he teased her pussy.

John pulled against them, surprised by the thrill that went through her. “Oh God.”


“Theorem. But no… this is… this is awesome. Keep going,” she managed to tell him, wanting and needing a dick inside her.

Cam nodded, thrusting into her pussy as John gasped. “You’re huge,” she breathed out.

“It’ll be ok once I get going…” Cam promised, holding her as she fought a little harder. Cam thrust into her pussy, breaking her hymen as pain shot through her spine. But damn it, it felt amazing. John pushed her hips up, fucking him just as hard as she squeezed and fought.

Cam shivered and drove his cock deep into her as he ejaculated inside her and went limp on top, kissing her.

“Guh, you’re heavy,” John gripped, feeling exhausted and well fucked.

Cam slipped to her side. “Better?”

“Yeah. Thanks. I’m going to have bruises…” John said, holding up her wrists.

“Oh fuck,” Cam said, looking distressed.

“I’ll just make something up… or cover them up. Don’t worry so much.”

“I love you, John. Any version, any type.”

John grinned, ducking her head as she snuggled up with him.

Tags: cam/john, cameron mitchell, john sheppard, kink, kink bingo, kink: held down, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1
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