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24 December 2010 @ 06:22 pm
Addiction (NC-17) Part One  

Title: Addiction
Pairing: John/Cam, OMC/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Drug use, Psychics, Heavy AU, Future setting
Written by Camshaft22 and falconsheart

Stargate and it's characters belong to MGM and other shareholders

Cameron Mitchell woke up as the morning report came across the view screen. He felt the agony rising to meet him as he weakly reached over to the nightstand, praying that it was still there... that he still had it. His hands shook as he broke the top off and poured it down into his mouth, swallowing the precious psychic blood. Cam broke into a sweat, praying for it to work... for it to be... just what he needed. He sobbed as the pain in his spine got worse, the cybernetics in his spine not working correctly. He prayed, hoping it was enough... just enough to take the edge off. Cam reacted over, desperately breaking open another of his stash, his hands shaking so bad, he almost poured it on his bed. He drank down the blood as it finally started working and  the signals got uncrossed... and he could walk again.

John had waited for the morning... not because he had been too long at the club last night. It had been good to get in touch with some people again, to hear some news over the grapevine and of course... there were always the inevitable news of losses, of some of them who had been killed. The addiction to psychic blood spreading, and with others hooked on it, there were always news of some others dead, gutted for their blood and left to die. Rumors were around that some government agency had begun to corner psychics and kept them in a facility to milk them for their blood. John was not sure if he believed that. But it was time to get moving again, and the early morning hours were a good time to move and get to his new digs. He walked two blocks to the place where he had left his bike, changing your digs was a smart thing for any psychic to do, changing cities less, because it got your ID on the radar and you could get pegged if you moved around without a valid reason. John checked his six, nothing of notice, he did not look again. Just not look suspicious or afraid, a man who does not behave like on the run, is not believed to be a man on the run he reminded himself, and made himself walk normally, like somebody else who just had gone to get Milk, fresh rolls and what else from the bakery.

Cam pulled on his clothes, riding the high that the blood gave. God... it was just a blessing to be alive... He went out, needing food and wanting to be outdoors. A dark little thought popped into his head as he remembered that he would have to go hunting again... He had gotten greedy and had a third vial... but damn he felt good. He smiled, seeing the small market as he went to get his breakfast. Psychic blood was a controlled substance and while it was hard to tell a user, sometimes the cops got a little search happy. Cam didn't want to get busted again so he was cautious, looking around his area and breathed a sigh of relief as it appeared cop free. It was pathetic... Cam remembered when he used to be something... the hero of several battles. Now what was he? A druggie looking for another hit. Perhaps after breakfast.

John was nearly there, he had parked the bike in the alley behind the market, it was nicely alone, but if someone saw you they just believed you had looked for a free parking spot. He was a little nervous, somewhere his senses were tingling, but he refrained from doing anything - some flashers used PSI monitors to zone in one a psychic, and once John used his skills he'd light them up. Better to not risk it. He could already see the bike and the alley was empty. Nearly there.

Cam took a short cut through the alley and felt his monitor buzz as he saw... a man. All alone. Hm. Well... it was a little early. But God, Cam could almost taste it. He thinned his lips, wondering if he had enough strength to take this one down. It was buzzing pretty strong.

John squatted down beside his bike to unlock the chains he used to make sure it was not stolen, to find someone had tried to tinker with them. He sighed, the lock was banged, he'd have to cut it, or open it telekineticly - the key would never fit again. "Damn... is there anything in this city, that does not get stolen, or nicked?" he scowled.

"No," Cam supplied him with an answer. "That's the city. Everything gets stolen, totaled or disseminated at least twice daily."

John jumped to his feet, when he felt it - most addicts had an echo, a faint trace of the blood they had ingested giving them a psionic aura, most Readers called it a dead aura. He slightly panicked, that guy was not your usual flasher, tall, muscular and... damn it, was a soldier! He drew his knife, raising it while falling back. "Leave me alone... I... I won't hold back when you try to kill me..." he knew he was in trouble, cold fear curling up in his stomach, the last time he had been cornered he had only escaped by jumping off a bridge...

Cam grinned, his smile a razor, feeling indestructible. "I don't kill... makes prey harder to find. Why don't you just open up a vein. I get what I want, you get to go about your morning."

John checked their surroundings, there was no help he could hope for... even if normals were inclined to help a suspected psychic. And... this guy was on a high, he'd have partial immunity against all John's powers. it was another side-effect of the blood. He focused on him, meeting his eyes, trying to discern if he spoke the truth. "If... if I let you have your fix, you let me go?"

Cam nodded and held his hand up, crossing his heart. "Upon my honor as a former soldier," he swore. "We can go back to my place..." Cam offered.

John could tell he was saying the truth, he meant it. He weighted his options. If he passed out here, he was dead, because some flasher would find him and finish him off... it was risky to follow this one to his place, because he might decide he wanted more... but he spoke the truth. John knew that much. It was the best option he had. He lowered the knife. "Okay. You got a deal." he said, biting down the fear.

Cam blinked in surprise. "Serious? Well, well. Come along, my friend," he said, waving him towards his side.

"Serious, beats passing out on this nice alley and being found by a flasher." John said, walking up to his side. "Lead the way."

Cam turned on his heel, grasping John by the arm. They went up to the studio apartment. "Sorry about the mess. My pension only goes so far..." He explained, pointing toward a chair. "I'll get my rigs."

John sat down on the chair, looking around. "A little cleanup and the place would be nice... so no problem, I've seen worse digs." he said, hiding that he was nervous. "I guess you won't tell me who you are?"

"I'm the asshole who's taking your blood," Cam said dryly. "My name is Cameron. Cam if you like. Cameron Frank Mitchell if you're really ticked. I'm ex-Cyber Forces," he said, bringing out his tools. "Who are you?"

"Cyber Forces? Well, that explains you being hooked..." John said, rolling back his sleeve, putting the two needles into his arm, using his TK to make it precise. "and my name is John, John Francis Sheppard if you are pissed or want to snitch on me." He added, seeing the rubber pipes emerging from the needles fill up red, he drew up on knee, resting his arm on it and made a fist, before slowly releasing it again.

Cam grinned. "Yeah," he said. Cam cleared his throat. "Son, you sign up for this, we'll take care of you, we'll make you feel good, you'll do great things for your country, son. Alls you gotta do is let us fit you with Cybernetics and then we'll rip 'em out and make you unable to walk without huge amounts of illegal substances that'll get you ran into the clink. Then leave you in the dust. How's that sound, my boy?" he mocked, looking at him teasingly. Cam looked at him and could smell the blood. His hand started trembling.

"Sounds like the army does - screwing people," John said dryly. He was a bit sorry for the guy, he hadn't asked for being cybered and flayed later on. But his kind freaked John... he could see his eyes when he smelled the blood, the hands shaking. "Okay... why don't you just sit down?" he asked, trying to keep it calm. "Or..." he sighed. "...do you need some straight away?" it was stupid to ask or offer, the guy was hooked on the stuff, and John's blood should give him quite a kick, but still... if it alleviated the symptoms a bit... John scolded himself inwardly, but there were things he couldn't get past. "If you want some right away, make a cut at my other arm and take a sip, okay?"

Cam grinned, that look in his eyes. "Oh. Oh yeah... No. No... John. I'll um. I'll go. Take another dose. I got another I think..." he said, rambling as he waved his hand around, the other shaking. He fled the room, tearing his bedroom apart as he got his last vial, drinking it down. It was getting worse... and fuck, he could still smell it. "H-How... H-h-h-h-how did you get your abilities...?" he asked across the apartment, trying not to become a flasher.

The guy had it bad, a really really bad case. "Element Zero exposure in my father," John answered the question. "he was career military, and got exposed when he still was a spry young Lieutenant on the Alexander. When he married and had kids he passed the genes on... killed his other children, I was the only one to make it and stabilise. And it killed him too... right after the end of the war, Old Firestorm came home and died a slow agonising death, his cells getting inside out from belated Element Zero poisoning. Most Psychics are either Element Zero cases or actually from the big Genetics Blowup sixty years back." He watched Cameron, and whatever dose he had taken it did not help enough. John waved him over. "here, you take the knife and make a cut in my wrist, take a sip or two, it will help you a bit, okay?" It was stupid stupid to let him see how strong it was... but John just couldn't let him go through the shakes like that.

Cam looked at him, ashamed and wishing like hell he didn't need it... didn't want it so bad. "They stopped that by the time I got off the farm. Now they just put metal in your bodies and hope it all works out so they can pull it out again," he told him, going to his side, falling down and crawling the rest of the way, taking a knife out as he forced himself to steady, using every ounce of will he had, cutting a line as Cam's mouth engulfed it and he got hit by a rush... such a fucking rush, he could do this for the rest of his life it was so awesome, he wanted to suck him fucking dry. Cam licked and kept sucking desperately, he shakes finally stopping.

"It's okay..." John said, freeing his arm, when he saw the shakes stopped. He had to use some TK for it, but thanks be to Brain Camp, he had the discipline to use it, even with the slight haze setting in. He knew he had to or Cam would not stop. "Better?" he asked, putting his arm up, to stop the bleeding.

Cam whimpered as he pulled the arm away. He looked at him, stoned out of his mind. "Yeaahhh. Feeling fine... Let's get you some juice. I got juice..." he said, feeling good. Cam got up and brought him some juice and crackers.

John saw that the third vial had filled up, and removed the needles from his arm. He leaned back on the chair, more than a bit hazy. "Juice sounds good," he said, drinking some of the Orange juice offered. He wanted to say something more, but the room began to spin around him, and he slipped from the chair, passing out.

Cam gasped. "Oh Fuck," he said as he picked him up and got a sugar cube, slipping it under John's tongue as he watched over him, stealing one of his rolls and eating it as he sat with him, watching over the man.

"Argh... damn..." John gasped as he found himself waking up on the floor. He rolled over to his back and sat up, leaning against a piece of furniture. He spotted Cam - chewing on a roll. "Okay... you were stealing your breakfast anyway." he said with a dry smile.

"Was no... Ok, maybe I was. Pension ran out until the first of the month. I have to keep juice around," Cam told him. "Drink up and eat your peanut butter crackers," he said. Cam was so ashamed... so damn ashamed... He had waited too long to go out again. He was a druggie... He was such a druggie...

John felt the waves of shame, of desperation roll off Cam, his telepathic senses overloading with all he felt, the pain, the shame, shame to have to steal the blood, to steal some god damn rolls... John reached for him, for his shoulders. "Hey," he said gently. "how about you try to get down some of those rolls, while I go to the Pharmacy over at Peters and get some Iron meds?" John was more legit than most of his kind, had an legitimate ID, medical card and all that, he was better of than most of his kind. "I can bring some lunch along, anything you can't eat? Allergies and so on?"

Cam looked at him, face burning in shame and lowered his eyes. "I can eat anything. They didn't manage to take the one that makes me able to eat anything and survive. Lucky lucky," he said. "Are you sure you can go?" he asked. "You did just pass out cold..."

"I can handle it," John said, the shame he felt from Cam was oppressive. He closed his eyes, trying to block it a bit more. "You just stay here, take it slow, I won't be gone long." He pushed himself to his feet, it worked supported by some TK. Thanks to BrainCamp having harsh taskmasters. John walked out of the apartment and went back to the market. He used the paycom there, to call Brin at the bar and to tell him he had gone red for a while, meaning John was moving in unsafe territory or company and should not be approached except for link messages. It would make sure none of his friends took a risk when he noticed that John was moving close to an addict. John cracked the lock of the chain for his bike and drove to Peters Pharmacy to get Iron meds, Vitamin boosters and some other things he'd need. A quick stop at his digs for some things , slinging his backpack on his shoulder, he moved on and he was on the way back, stopping at a takeaway for food - healthy stuff - salad, cheese, fresh bread. He stopped at one of the vendors just outside the market for a big bunch of grapes and then parked his bike in the alley again, cranking the chain together. No thief in the world would crack that thing easily. He took another way to the apartment and knocked on the door not that much later.

Cam watched him go, curling up and crying pathetically for what he had ended becoming. A druggie. He ate another couple of rolls, feeling like a piece of shit. Cam had managed to clean up a little, not hurting and opened the door when he heard the knocking. "Y-you came back. I'm a junkie, John Are you certain this is wise?" he asked, actually so glad to see him.

John slipped in. "Wise? Not sure, nobody ever accused me of being that." he replied with a quirky smile. "Don't worry... I got regen-capsules along with Iron Meds, Vitamin boosters and so on, they'll have me bounce  back fairly quick." It was a strange decision he had made... it felt right even as his brain wondered if he'd finally gone around the bend. "And I said I'd be back... right?"

Cam looked at him as he just made himself at home. "S-sure... But I've also told that to many people and never saw them again. Are you insane?" he asked.

"No - I am a Psychic," John shot back his standard reply for the question about his sanity. He set down the hard plastic box with the food, and slipped the backpack off his shoulder. "Look Cam,... if I am overstepping some boundaries here... you can kick me out and be done with it, but... Look, give me a day or two on the meds with decent food and I'll be bouncing again, enough to share a bit and that would help you, right?"

"Well... yeah, but aren't you afraid I'll kill you and just take your blood?" he asked.

"You are not totally out of control," John said. "you are hooked, but not a flasher. So you won't kill me, when it means you can some more fresh stuff down the road, when you'll need it. Killing me, gives you some more vials, and that's that... besides - if you had wanted to kill me, you could have done so in the alley. You didn't. You go out of your way to try and make sure the Psychics you attack survive... says a lot about you."

Cam looked at him. "I killed enough people in the war. I don't like doing it. But I'm farming you... or you're farming. I don't know... I just don't want you to hate me..."

John reached for Cam's shoulder. "Hey... if I hated you I'd not be here, okay?" he said warmly, wondering why Cam cared so much. "And you are not farming... I offered, or am offering."

Cam looked at him and nodded. "Well... when it is put like that..." he said, covering his hand. "Make yourself at home."

The short touch send a spike of impressions to John's mind, he closed his eyes as the mix of emotions washed over him, then nodded. "Okay... let's stash that stuff into the fridge and chill for a bit? Or any plans you had?" he asked, while stuffing the food into the fridge.

Cam immediately started helping put away stuff. "I don't think I had any plans. I sorta stopped making them. But... Um. If I tell you to hide, you'll hide, right?"

"I'll hide, kinda used to that," John said. "What kind of trouble are you expecting? Cops? Gangsters? Vet oversight?"

"All the above?" Cam asked. "There's this Gangster... Russian Mafia... I got some blood from them once. I... I did something very bad. I helped them hunt down someone. For use. It was when the blood was really hard to come by... and I saw a few hanging around. I don't think they'll come around any more, but I can't be certain. The Cops hassle everyone... and Vet Oversight comes down once a month, looks around, sees if I need anything, tells me no, I can't have more money and then leaves."

John didn't say a word about the hunt, he could feel Cam was ashamed, and this deal was on his end as rotten as it was for most psychics. "The Cops may be able to hassle you for controlled substances," he said, "but they can't hassle you for having me around. I am registered, was trained in one of the camps, forbidding us to have our own blood in our body... it's like forbidding people to pee. Won't work. And Vet Oversight... I can hide from them, if you prefer, or I can see if I can talk a small outing into their mind..."

Cam looked at the floor, wishing he'd never helped them.  "Ooh, well then. You don't have to hide if it's the cops. Although they might ask if I've got you held hostage here. I've got a record after all. Vet Oversight is fun to fuck with. You don't have to hide if they come around I suppose... although you might have them increase my pension," he suggested.

"I can try," John said. He actually was quite good at manipulating minds, perhaps he could help Cam a bit. He looked around for a moment not sure what to do. "So... what do you wanna do? We could play chess... or... hey I have Call of Duty X on my computer, we sync two controllers and play a match?" John had the computer in his backpack, he never stayed anywhere longer without it.

Cam grinned. That would be awesome. "Um... Uh, I don't... Most days I'm- Well, never mind. I might be good at Call of duty," he told him hoping that he would want to play.

John unpacked his laptop and synced the controllers, when he loud knock on the door interrupted him. He looked at Cam, the glance questioning.

Cam glanced at the door and knew it wasn't the cops. Was it near the first of the month? Might be Vet Oversight. Cam gave John a weak grin and went to the door, opening it.

Darek was used to having to wait - if the guy did not have his fix, he'd be a mess. Well, he was a mess no matter what angle you looked at it. He was surprised when the door opened rather promptly. "Mitchell - you look awfully chipper the morning," he said with a grin. "right able to do some work."

Cam looked at him, surprised to see him. "D-Darek... What, What are you... What do I owe the um pleasure too?" he asked. "Well. um. Work. Work might be difficult."

"Difficult? - you look right in the shape for a little outing today," Darek said. "and there is payment - you could do with some paying work for a change, right? "

"I have a guest over," Cam told him. "W-What sort of payment? I mean... we both know I'm a blight upon society..." he said, self-deprecatingly.

"Then you'll have to kick your guest out, for a little, or finish with him before." Darek wondered if Mitchell had sunken low enough to... you know... "be at Harbor Lights Hotel at 4PM sharp. Payment is cash - real life cash, in case you still know what that is, and a vial if you do the job right." He eyed Cam sharply. "it might not have reached your little corner of reality, but government is cracking down on illegitimate psychics... blood will be a rare commodity soon. So you better don't disappoint the friends that have helped you so nicely in the past."

"Not that sort of guest," Cam said, seeing the look in his eye. "So, it'll be back to the old days... when they weren't as plentiful..." he said, softly, knowing the crackdowns would be hurting his business too. "I um... I know you've been good to me. That I uh... I couldn't have made it without you... but I don't know if I can take this job..."

"No, it will be worse," Darek said coldly. "did you ever meet a legitimate Psychic? I guess not. Because those who are legit have been trained by the military out on Gagarin station. And the military took only those who displayed the talent as early as 10. They had to give them up, with the Psionic Legislation being enacted seven, nine years back. But you, my little not-so-reforming substance user, wouldn't like to tackle those guys for their blood." He pushed the aggressive attitude aside a little, Victor had him run the Irregulars because Darek could make most of them work without continually beating them up. "Look, Cam - the job is not that bad, all you have to take out is some Chinese Triad folks, you were a Cyberforce Commando and I need you to infiltrate their ship before it gets contacted by the Harbor officials. You board the vessel when it comes in, take down the crew - nine or ten people, it is one of those automated sea-freighters, and then you meet the Harbormaster with the paperwork we provide, pretending to be the Captain of the crate. You sign his papers, make nice and when our people arrive bitch about us being late for getting the cargo. Our guys unload the stuff and we all leave while the ship has an unfortunate malfunction and will blow up soon after. You get a nice round pay and a vial for your work."

Cam looked at him and flushed. He actually had met one. John was. "Yeah... that sounds easy enough, but you forget. Most of my parts were taken out. I'm a flayed Cyberforce Commando," Cam pointed out. "I- I'll do it. I'll do it, I just don't know if I'll do it right..." he told him, knowing that he had to accept. John would get tired of him... plus Victor would not be pleased. "What if they've got a psychic? Don't I get a little more intel than this?"

"You did good on your previous jobs," Darek replied on the hint that he was flayed. "and... prove to me that you're worth it, and I might talk Victor into letting our Doc having a go at you, put some stuff in again." He grinned broadly when Cam agreed. "That's my boy. They have a psychic, but he is the fucktoy of the Captain and with a high chance tired and exhausted. You can suck him dry if you want to, we don't care." He knew that would get Cam's attention. Darek tossed him a datapad. "There's your intel - have a nice planning session. Be on time." He turned and left, having to round up some more people, not for the job, but guys who were behind on their payments.

"Those were hunting and the old smash and grab..." Cam countered. He looked at him... and knew that maybe... just maybe, if he had his parts again... he wouldn't be like this. But he would owe the Russians his life. He'd be theirs forever. He took the datapad and wondered if he could suck the lover dry. Good God, who was this that he had become? Who was this bastard? Cam closed the door and swallowed. "Good news honey, I'll be sucking some poor sot dry. You'll have more time to recover!" he said mockingly, ashamed that he took the job.

John had kept down and used the indirect line of sight to zone on this Darek's mind - the guy was a real piece of work. But he pushed that aside, feeling the conflict from Cam. Those guys had him good. If he said no, he'd end in their bad books and get no more help when things went dire, if he said yes he'd have to do their dirty work. Not much difference than working for the government. "Do you need help?" John asked, surprising himself. "a crew of ten is a tough crackdown for you alone."

Cam looked at him. "Uh. Are you sure? I figured you might just stay here or do what you need to do... I don't want you to get involved."

"You charming contact does not need to know about it," John said. "I can get to the harbor before you, get in line of sight with the ship, make the crew drowsy and confused, so you have an easier time taking them out." He shook his head. "If you want me to stay out of your affairs... I'll do just that," he felt he intruded more than he should, but he could not just stand here either.

Cam looked at him. "No. No, of course not... I just-" he hesitated. "If they knew you were here... they might take you. Farm you..." Cam told him. "When they farm... They basically hang you up, keep you knocked out and drain the body. It's difficult to keep you guys for very long... but some have managed to do so for 6 months to a year..." he said unable to keep the memories from returning, seeing all those helpless people... How his hands were tied.

"I know... the technology was developed by the military," John said softly, a shiver ran down his spine but he kept himself in check. "You can't keep us alive in there... because most Psychics even when unconscious have some control over their body... you can always decide the world is too painful and shut down your own organs. But I doubt they will take me," he said, his eyes still on the window, not really seeing the world outside. "I have to check in with the Military Psionic Regulation Office once a week, if one of us goes of the radar, it raises flags and questions, and usually the Feds go looking for us. They don't want us to fall into the wrong hands... government property and all that."

Cam nodded. "I remember," he said softly. "Ahh yes. I forgot. Although, honestly, same song, different verse here. Which is why I still live here. I think 30% of my body is parts they couldn't take out..."

John turned around, to Cam. "If you want my help - you have it. I mean it, Cam... I happen to know a bit about CyberForce and thus can guess what was done to you..." he also know the name Cameron Frank Mitchell, but would not hurt the other man even more, by bringing up the brighter past. "... and I am not all that useless, so... will you allow me to help you, at least a little?"

Cam looked at him, reaching out and grasping his hand. "Sure. Just stay out of sight. We'll start working on the plan immediately. Then get a backup plan because I figure the intel is part faulty."

John squeezed his hand. "Okay, lets get planning."

John steered the small motor boat across the main harbor bay like a tourist, pretending to take in the city from the waterside. In truth he had kept contact with their target vessel for the last hour - there were more people on board than expected, and he had pushed towards their minds, to make them drowsy... sleep in the warm ship. He had gotten into a tangle with their psychic but managed to confuse him until he felt him blank... like the crew. Cam was doing a quick job. Now John brought the boat alongside the freighter. They were a bit ahead of time, which was good.

Cam wiped the blood off his knife, shoving the last body down where the Russian's suggested as he went to where the psychic had been blanked out. He didn't have much time left and the pain was coming back. He cut along the throat, sucking that dry until he didn't bleed much there anymore. Cam then sliced open his arms, wondering how long the heart would last. He drank even more, feeling that shit kick in. Good Golly, that was nice.

John secured the boat alongside the freighter, using his telekinetic skills to bring a rope down and climb aboard. He could tell where Cam was... he felt the fading spark of the other psychic... the slowly fading light. He pushed it away. This was enemy territory. He moved starboard towards the Captain's cabin, Cam was close to that point too, but John had picked something up from the Captain's mind, that he intended to check out. When he approached the cabin door, he saw Cam and the psychic... a younger Asian male, fading away. "He's nearly dead, Cam." John said softly.

"I know. I'm helping," Cam told him. He sucked a little more and then slit his throat. Cam stood up, picking the boy up and held him. "Signal the mafiya guys," he told him, shades of the old Colonel Mitchell coming back.

John did not flinch when Cam cut the boy's throat, training kicking in - enemy territory, kill what comes at you. "Give me ten, okay? The Captain had somethings in his cabin that neither his nor your bosses had knowledge of. Private smuggling business, we might as well take it, what do you think?"

"It's not apart of our objective. I say we might as well get something out of this," he told him. "I'll be back as soon as I dispose of this," Cam said, hurrying to take the body and hide it with the others. He rejoined him and they moved towards the cabin.

John had opened the door to the cabin, needing no keys. He took a quick look around, comparing it to the pictures gleaned from the Captain's mind. He knelt down beside the computer terminal, finding the hidden panel and opened it, revealing a hidden mini-safe. He grinned up to Cam. "We should have been a pair of burglars - would have made a fortune." he teased as he entered the stolen code, to open the safe.

"What's stopping us?" Cam teased, half serious. "So, what is it? Drugs? A human soul?"

"Drugs... bleurgh... leave that to Mr. Dark and Dumb." John said opening the safe door, extracting a small bag. "Chinese PSI Diamonds, already cut and polished but not filled with power yet." John said handing the bag to Cam and extracting an envelope. "And some cash to pay for some private business deal from his last tour. Not bad, eh?" He handed Cam the envelope, while checking there was nothing left inside the safe.

"Very nice. Might even be able to buy a bigger mattress," he teased, quickly folding up the cash and hiding it on him. Cam held the diamonds. "So... these any good to you? Or do we need to find someone, preferably not Russian, to sell them too?"

John looked at him, astonished. "You don't know... my friend... this is not the kind of wares the Russians usually deal in. Let's say I'll put out feelers to some of the top jewelers on the city, that I have some material and am willing to work. They will in turn see what their clientele brings in... Those stones, filled with the right things... imagine a nice diamond ring, beautiful and totally normal looking, only it makes the person wearing it sexually dependent on the giver - no matter what else she feels. Or a marriage ring that makes cheating for one of the spouses impossible... it is the kind of toy the upper crust plays with, and pays well for getting their toys, because those stones are restricted in import."

Cam looked at him, surprised. "Holy shit," he whispered. "Lucky damn day," Cam told him, hiding the diamonds on himself. "That would be amazing... I just had a wicked idea. I wonder if Darek's got an old lady that we could give a diamond too... make her hate him," he said with a laugh.

John laughed. "Hm... I'll have take a peek into his mind to that effect, see if he has Exes or some poor gal that he fucks." he said with a grin. "Okay... let's get moving and this over with."

"Maybe you could put a compulsion where every time they fuck, she cusses him out in Chechen," he said with a dirty smirk. Cam nodded as he pulled off his jacket, handing it to John as he pulled on a sweater and a cap. "There. Do I look like a Sea Captain?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir, Captain, Sir." John grinned. "I'll stay down, keep line of sight with the harbormaster and make sure he doesn't suspect a thing." He said. "Good luck."

Darek had to hand it to Cam - he was a nuisance at times and a problem at others, but when it came down to it, he got the job done without hick ups. He had the harbormaster nicely talked around, chattering with him about good who knew what on the sea and cargo trade. Darek drew the transporter out on the quay beside the ship, the two other trucks followed. He jumped out, walking up to Cam. "This the 'Sichuan Flower'?" he asked.

Cam smiled at him. "Good," he said with a grin. Cam chatted up the harbormaster, borrowing a cigarette as they waited. When Darek pulled up, he gave the Harbormaster a wry grin. "Lubbers," he muttered. "Of course it is. Right on bloody time, I might add and where were you? Not here obviously. If you guys want to suck cock, do it on your own time. I've got ports to get too," he snapped at him.

"Hey, hey, hey.." Darek growled back. "we got told you 'ain't coming 'til tomorrow. So stop compla'ing." He gestured his men. "Boys... get it moving, the cargo won't walk off the ship and hop on the trucks." His boys moved out, beginning their work. Darek saw the amused glance of the harbormaster as the old guy stalked away to inspect the next ship. "Any problems?" he asked Cam, once they were alone.

Cam looked at the Harbormaster and mocked Darek towards him. They shared an amused glance and Cam went towards Darek, finally able to talk. "None. Your intel was faulty. There were double the number of people on board. But it got handled," he told him. "Break the guy who gave you that intel's fingers. I think it was all fairly wrong. But the bodies are where you told me to stick 'em."

"More damn it... I'll cut off Jareyvitch's dick and make him eat it." Darek growled seriously pissed. He told Victor time and again that this was a pro op run by pro means... well, he'd have to teach some people about that. "Good job, Cam - you see, you aren't as bad as you think you are." He gestured him to follow and walked over to the truck, fishing his own pack from the seat. By the time he was there, Rick, who had inspected the ship, informed him over the ear mike that it was 21 bodies. Double. And Cam had come out on top. The man was good, really good and Darek wanted him to work for them more regularly. He went through his pack and got a small hard plastic frost container out first. It was the best way to keep vials fresh. "First half," he said, adding an envelope with the cash, he had added some plus for the extra work. "should keep you fed and watered until those bloodsuckers from the vet office pay again. You see, we take good care of you."

"Or that. That'll work nicely. I think he was being lazy," Cam told him. He bowed slightly as Darek praised him. Cam saw the frost container and tried not to look so eager. He tucked the envelope away. "Thank you... I um... I see that. Now... I had an idea for the ship. Obviously the old girls got to be blown to kingdom come... but I was thinking that we might do it away from the dock. There's scuba gear aboard... I can set off a charge, dive and come up a few miles that way," he said, pointing in a random direction.

Darek thought it thought, what Cam said made sense and was a good idea. "You'll need someone to pick you up with a boat?" he asked, the idea was good, it would take the ship out of the equation and save him the bribes for the harbor fire department and some other people... "How much?" he asked Cam, to negotiate the price for the extra job.

"No. I've got a... pack mate that'll do it," he said, licking his lips. Cam was Wolf Brigade back in the day and it would quiet questions from them. He thought about it. "You know Darek... I was needing a new mattress. That twin... It's rather small. If one, say a regular... or hell up to a King, could fall off the moving truck, maybe a very nice one that would be good for my back, box spring, etc, etc, I think that would even out blowing up a ship."

A Pack mate? That explained the visitor... not that Darek would comment, but the request for a different mattress in that context... okay, he knew what rack mates could get up to. "The things that fall off trucks in this city..." he said with a grin. "you'll have it by end of the week latest," he'd simply call LeLe... the Mistress of Thieves and ask her for the favor. Or he'd even take the excuse to visit her. He'd tell her to make it King size.

Cam grinned. "I know, right? Amazing what happens in the city. Thank you, Sir. Good working with you," he said, shaking his hand.

It was late evening when Darek finally had the time to visit the Mistress of Thieves. Victor was happy, he had his cargo without fuss, the ship was straight to hell with no one the wiser. The nightly business was picking up quickly, and things ran smooth. The Mistress of Thieves of course had an official job, she was a lawyer and had an official office, respectably and all that. If strange people came to her, then because she took a lot of ugly court cases... that was the official story.

Darek had asked his way past her usual security, and walked towards her office. Sometimes he thought she should pretend to run an im-and-export business but she did just fine. He knocked on the half open door. "May I disturb your dishonesty?"

Leia looked up from the briefs she was preparing. "You may... hell, I'll pay you to do so," she said. "I've got a murder case and the other guy is filing all these idiotic briefs..." she said, giving him a frustrated look. "He's not a Brother so part of me is willing to let him hang, but it's a special favor... You get it."

"Ah... I see. I think I can help you with the other side... make some witnesses reconsider, see what we can do about the evidence." Darek said. "Just give me a copy of the file, so I know the who is who in the story." He leaned against her desk. "I need a fun favor in return... nothing dangerous, but fun. Had you ever have your guy break into one of those furniture markets?"

Leia pointed towards her desk. "There's a copy in the outbox..." she told him, leaning forward so he could get a better look at her cleavage. "I... I can't say that I have actually. What sort of fun but odd request are you bringing to me?"

Darek's eyes followed her movements and he licked his lips... his mind already forming an entertaining idea for the evening. "A mattress as a matter of fact... one of those big fat king size beasts they make for people with damaged backs," he said with a grin. "if your guys take the one or other odd piece of household goods it won't be their loss... perhaps you can give it to some of your rookie gangs to see how good they are?"

"Hmm. I bet that would be good for the Yancy gang. They're a bunch of new upstarts..." she explained, pulling out a com device that she had hidden in her desk. Leia arranged the theft as she stretched out her legs, showing off her fishnet stockings and short skirt.

Darek had watched her display herself... she knew how she could make him really really hot. He had walked around the room while she talked, seemingly his usual pacing, in truth a last check on her security... he had surprise for her this time. Coming back to her desk, he tapped the sensor switch to deactivate the lights in the room, only the lights falling in through the windows remained, enough for him to reach her, and lift her out of her chair without a chance to escape his grip. "Perhaps I should steal you?" he whispered in her ear, carrying her to the room adjacent to her office - her private room as he very well knew.

Leia smirked as she watched him stalk the room, deactivating the lights. She giggled as she rested in his grip. "I'm high class. But I would make a pleasing addition to any home..."  Leia teased.

Darek grinned, biting her neck... "Especially in a nice collar... chained to a bed... hm... perhaps I should keep you." He said, the other room was dark was well, but he knew that room in dark easily enough. The two rings in the ceiling had been intended for a lamp construction but could be used easily as well to tie someones hands up, above her head. With her arms stretched up like this - not high enough to really hurt, but enough to make her stretch her body and accentuate her breasts. "Now we just need to unpack the present..." Darek said with a grin, getting the knife from his boot, snapping the blade out, to cut way her clothing.

Leia moaned out. "Now we're talking..." she said with a grin. Leia stretched out, her body on display. "Mmm. Well, you know... I was thinking... Self, you should probably leave off the panties today... and lo and behold, here you are, stealing me away. I think I did good..." she commented as he started cutting away her top, her breasts spilling out.

Darek pushed the cut clothing away, cupping her breasts with his hands, rubbing and playing with them, he loved playing with her, touch her and making her crazy with that. "Perhaps we should limit the clothing you are allowed to wear? Say.. to a bikini?" He said, lightly drawing his fingernails over her nipples.

Leia moaned out. "I bet the judges would enjoy that..." she said with a smirk as her nipples hardened, feeling his touches.  He knew her best... and she loved it when he played with her.

"Hm... we can't let those old goats fuck you..." Darek teased, his hands sliding down to her hips, hooking into her fishnet stockings to pull them down. He loved doing that... make her feel how he peeled away her clothing, enjoyably exposing her. He slipped his hand between her legs, his fingers exploring her warmth. "Someone his hot today... such a little hottie... I should pass by here more often..." he told her in a whisper.

Leia grinned. "No, that wouldn't be fun... plus I'd kill them," she teased. Leia exhaled, feeling him undress her. She moaned feeling his thick fingers as she thrust down upon them. "I'm your hottie... and my door is always open for you..." she told him.

"You door... I prefer the window..." Darek withdrew his fingers, leaving her hang for a moment as he stepped behind her. He loosened his belt and opened his jeans to free his painfully erect cock. He could never hold back with her... she usually knew how to make him crazy without trying even. He stepped up to her, wrapping his arms around her from behind as he nudged her legs further apart, teasing her opening. "Yes... you are mine..." he told her biting her shoulder and sucking on the sensitive skin. "and I should keep you somewhere closer... to visit at night... to fuck... and fuck again... and again.."

"I can... Oh God... I can arrange that..." she said, whimpering as he pulled his fingers free. Leia quickly spread her legs as she teased her. Leia let out a groan as he bit into her. "Yesss... God yes.. Fuck me. Fuck me over and over..."

Darek's hands closed around her hips, as he pushed into her sheathing himself inside her warmth. He groaned, loving the feel of her engulfing him, of her hot core around him. He nearly pulled out before thrusting into her again. "So hot... so fucking hot..."

Leia smiled, panting a little as he pressed inside her, becoming one. "Yesss, God yes, Baby. Please Darek... Harder, please... Please... Harder," she begged, thrusting against him and feeling his thick cock in her. God, it felt so damn good.

Darek all too gladly obliged, speeding up the rhythm, claiming her in strong thrusts. He was close, so very damn close... it did not take long for him to come with yell.

Leia moaned out as he claimed her and she gushed out around him, using her vag muscles to squeeze him tight. She slumped in the ropes and moaned in pleasure. "Gods... Oh Gods... I was needing that all damn day..."

"I know," Darek kissed her neck before pulling away from her and freeing her from the ropes so they both could slump down on the couch. He intended to do this again soon, the night was young after all.

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welfycat: Doctor Matt Smithwelfycat on December 25th, 2010 01:22 am (UTC)
This is a really interesting world, and I like a lot of the touches. It keeps making me think of Cam's knees when his plane went down. And John is just awesome!
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Thank you so much for reading!